Urban Development Study and Estimation of Real Estate and plot Investment Potential

Mascott Consulting experts render assessment services and improve the investment appeal of land property allocated for commercial development.

Our Services:

We evaluate the investment appeal of the plot for business planning
We estimate the prospects of building new and reconstructing already existing buildings
We improve the investment potential of the land property
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We Shall Be an Asset to:

Participants of commercial land and residential real estate market, as urban development research is the necessary stage in making a decision about land deal in view of the development and implementation of an investment project and is the main source of data for SWOT analysis of a business plan.


We help in due assessment of the asset for sale and its value for a potential investor. We keep in touch with you throughout every single step of preparing the plot for sale


We help to evaluate and improve the investment appeal of the asset as well as the accuracy of business planning

Real Estate Agents, Land Assessment Officers, Banks, Funds

We provide all the necessary information for the land site market positioning and ensure the most accurate assessment of the asset

We Offer:

As for the assessment and improvement of urban potential of the plot being of interest to you we offer the following:

Our Services:

  • We identify the types of the authorized use of the plot (basic + optional + conditionally permitted)
  • We identify the categories and the types of capital construction projects admissible for construction on the plot
  • We identify with regard to the existing urban development restrictions the building footprint as well as threshold technical-and-economic indices such as the number of floors, the maximum area of the development project, the quantity of necessary parking places, etc.
  • We specify a list of government bodies, organizations, asset holders, and operators of the properties with whom it will be necessary to coordinate and approve the construction project

Ad Hoc Engineering and Geotechnical Survey:

  • We determine over- and underground engineering utilities available on the site in order to designate their save and sanitary-protected zones;
  • If necessary, we make up a tally sheet of planted vegetation;
  • We study and evaluate the ease of travel and the accessibility of the site as well as options for its connecting to the road network.
Please note!

Our company does not provide plot selection services!

The Way We Work

Our experts work in Moscow and Moscow region, taking into account peculiarities of laws and regulations promulgated by the local government bodies.

  • We study public and ad specific data on the plot in question, conduct urban development and technical audit.
  • We evaluate the possibility of constructing projects with required characteristics (the area, number of floors, technical zones, etc.).
  • We detect and analyze restrictions relating to the utilization of the plot chosen.
  • We assess possible operational risks and the plot shortcomings.
  • We draw up a risk map and a playbook to prevent and manage risks.
  • We make up a roadmap specifying all the necessary measures (including approvals of government agencies) necessary to improve the investment appeal of the site.
In-Depth Study

Our experts, if required, will conduct an in-depth survey of the plot investment potential and elaborate several plot planning options with various parameters as well as suggest alternatives to improve the investment appeal of the plot.

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expert advice

The average period to execute all stages of works is at list 30 days.

You Will Get:

  • A report and graphic materials with recommendations regarding the compliance of the plot development potential with your goals.
  • A detailed roadmap for project implementation prior to obtaining a building permit.
  • A roadmap of the project implementation stages after receiving a building permit (optional).

Detailed description

Mascott-Consulting experts provide holistic support relating to investment and construction projects as well as urban development and technical auditing.

We undertake to conduct Due Diligence procedures relating to assessing the investment potential of real estate property acquired for the development.

Based on the of the audit results, our experts will draw up a graphical plan with the analysis of the plot development prospects, as well as prepare for you the information about:

  • any existing encumbrances of the site
  • limit size parameters of building on the site according to the current norms of territorial planning
  • possibilities of constructing a project with the required technical and economic parameters
  • transport accessibility
  • save zones of existing utilities on the site and adjacent facilities with a description of possible alterations in the save zones, including the zones affected by transport hubs, water bodies, forests, nature reserves etc.
  • planted vegetation (trees) on the site and possibilities of their removal

We shall prepare a roadmap of your project implementation including an action plan to reduce investment risks and overcome limitations.

Our Fees:

Site area of up to 0.5 ha:
800 - 1 300 EU


Site area of 0.5-2 ha:
1 300 - 2 000 EU


Site area of 2 ha and more:
as agreed.


Extra Services

Engineering Surveying

Whatever technical surveying should pertain to the project, we address the issue and handle the full range of engineering, geodesic, topographical, geological, environmental, and hydro-meteorological surveys.


We do a full cycle of project design for commercial development from project preparation to its completion

Cadastral Surveying

We develop a site design and a land marking for your project, we will keep in touch until all the documents are received.


Why Us?

We meet the deadlines and make all
necessary changes without any delay.
We guarantee the reconciliation
of documents: in case of a justified refusal,
all follow-up revisions are for our account!
We offer transparent terms
of collaboration: you know how
much and what you pay for.

About Us

Mascott-Consulting is a team of experts who are geared up to take on design and management of construction projects of any complexity. Our team includes specialists with hands-on experience in implementing projects of various levels – from high-budget private housing projects to big-scale municipal and industrial facilities. We adhere to a responsible approach to work with partners and customers, we observe deadlines and do not hike up our fees after the project is launched.

We pride ourselves on our responsible approach and successful realization of the projects we took part in.

We have been in the market for more than 8 years
Average work experience of our experts is over 20 years.
The number of investment projects we handled in 2019 – is 12
Our team consists of more than 20 highly qualified specialists

Contact us

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  • info@smeta-mascotte.ru
  • Moscow region, Odintsovo district, POS Trekhgorka, trekhgornaya str., 4, floor 2, room 9.
  • Limited liability company «Mascotte Rus»